I have never been one who participates in Black Friday sales, but this year I’ve outdone myself. Over the past 24 hours I’ve juggled between excessive working to excessive online shopping. It’s been a way too productive day for getting shit done, and all that’s left is to clean my room.



That weekend in October where Michelle and I attempted to attend 3 events in one day; hopping from Mexican feels to Jamaican vibes and more Mexican beats. That same weekend where I learnt I was really good at handy work and work the drill like a real man, and concluded that I only need 1 pair of trusty sneakers in my life.



I don’t know if cities are cut out for me. Between struggling with cantonese and looking at the sea of people stuck in peak hour train’s human traffic, this must how it feels like to be a tourist in an overpopulated metropolis. Ironically, my favourite moments are those in cha chan tengs. It’s in every way frantic, uncomfortably crammed with 5 strangers squashed around a round table from elbow to elbow, yet strangely unpleasant and intriguing at the same time. It was the sheer madness that makes this experience so unique to Hong Kong. Constantly being rushed through meals as if we were little pixelated customers from Diner Dash, being yelled at for ‘HOT OR COLD’ options when not specifying the order and being tossed a bowl of macaroni soup or a plate of hot bun as if putting down the plate nicely is offensive.

Last time I visited Hong Kong must have been over 6 years ago. & I should have kept it that way, a place left in my memories. Because when a place as historical as the notorious Chungking Mansion has gotten a facelift that made it lose it’s character, the eventual removal of those neon sign boards will soon turn Hong Kong into any other boring city.




Real friends are those who understand you despite the distance, or how little you keep in touch. Real friends don’t stick around all the time but are still able to connect with you on such a deep level. Real friends are able to embrace who you are regardless of how many times you’ve changed; for the better or for the worst.

I thank my lucky stars for having a friend like Carrick, whom I can still talk to as if we just hung out yesterday when he’s really 9957 miles away, and the last we met was probably 2 years ago. Te echo de menos, amigo!


All hallows’ eve 

Had an absolutely wicked weekend to mark the end of the otherworldly October. I managed to whip up a last minute costume after a craft haul at Art Friend and went out on Halloween night “naked”. Music was amazing at Kyo as usual and my highlight of the night was definitely seeing a giant and bloody sanitary pad waltzing down Cecil Street. Un-fucking-forgettable.