The other day I decided to bake a pandan cake because I had too much pandan leaves. Also I hadn’t baked in a long time and thought I would challenge myself? I followed the recipe, popped the batter into the oven and within half an hour my apartment smelt like heaven, the cake was rising nicely with imperfect cracks when I peeked through the oven door. The cake was browning nicely, it looked like what a fluffy butter cake should and it smelt like I owned a Kaya factory. The oven beeped and I was super excited to dig into it, but found the patience to let it cool for 10 minutes as instructed. Alas, my heart sunk when I cut into a nice shade of green but under-baked insides. This is exactly what it feels like when you swipe someone who looks so gorgeous on Tinder but after 1 coffee date you realise how ugly he is on the inside. I panicked, scoured the internet to find a fix for under-baked cake cores, but nothing could fix the damage.

So yeah, I had to lay in bed the rest of the night with the whole apartment smelling like Kaya, and a reminder that I now had a cake which I can’t offer to anyone no matter how good it tasted because it looks like the reproduction of a nonya kueh and an albino butter cake. Woes.

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May in a nutshell.

May has been rather exciting, but it has also drained me completely. Work has been just a constant stare at a computer screen for long hours and #SadDeskLunches, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to weekends so religiously. So, May Day here was quite an eye-opening experience. Back home it’s just a holiday but here, it’s a… holiday, but also a party, a riot, a demonstration, a celebration. Pinch also lives in the most strategic location for sight-seeing heh! Mark also arrived in the same week and we went out to get some grub, checked out some exhibitions and went on many little movie dates and festival screenings. There were lots of cool events and exhibitions taking place lately since the weather is starting to warm up, so I guess life is so much better lately! My internet connection has also FINALLY come through, after a month of waiting. I guess it’s safe to say i’m more or less settled in, phew!

Last week I had a tiny housewarming get-together, whipped up a storm in the kitchen and then ordered some pizza. Mark has been going around making connections with people in the hood, it’s rather awkward he fist bumps random strangers lol! Also went on a double date with Weeleng & Shalen to Teufelsberg! Since i’ve moved here I’ve spent the bulk of my time in the central/east areas, it’s so rare that I check out the West side, so it was really nice. Also super refreshing to take a hike and be surrounded by nature instead of facing the grunge of the city everyday. I was slightly disappointed that despite Teufelsberg being an abandoned spy station, it has since become commercialized. While I didn’t mind paying the entry fee to contribute to the upkeep of the place, I had expectations that a trip and hike out to Teufelsberg was going to be a more authentic Urbexing experience. Either way it was still a very impressive space filled with art and cool architecture.

The gloom has also slowly started to go away and people have begun sitting around canals and out in the parks. Time is sure flying, and things are moving forward nicely, I’m just a little dreadful that time may be flying by too fast. But hey, things are good and I can’t complain. There was a special screening of 7 letters held by the Singapore Embassy just days ago, it brought back a huge sense of nostalgia even though I’ve only just relocated. I was wondering inside how the people who haven’t gone home in forever must feel. Some days I still think about it, and I don’t know if I miss home. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. But i’ll let time tell. Till then, taking things a step at a time.