The other day I decided to bake a pandan cake because I had too much pandan leaves. Also I hadn’t baked in a long time and thought I would challenge myself? I followed the recipe, popped the batter into the oven and within half an hour my apartment smelt like heaven, the cake was rising nicely with imperfect cracks when I peeked through the oven door. The cake was browning nicely, it looked like what a fluffy butter cake should and it smelt like I owned a Kaya factory. The oven beeped and I was super excited to dig into it, but found the patience to let it cool for 10 minutes as instructed. Alas, my heart sunk when I cut into a nice shade of green but under-baked insides. This is exactly what it feels like when you swipe someone who looks so gorgeous on Tinder but after 1 coffee date you realise how ugly he is on the inside. I panicked, scoured the internet to find a fix for under-baked cake cores, but nothing could fix the damage.

So yeah, I had to lay in bed the rest of the night with the whole apartment smelling like Kaya, and a reminder that I now had a cake which I can’t offer to anyone no matter how good it tasted because it looks like the reproduction of a nonya kueh and an albino butter cake. Woes.